In alphabetical order by last name:
Crystal Chen
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Speech Topic: Forced Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China
Crystal Chen was born to a family of musicians in Guangzhou City, China. After graduating college with a Bachelor’s in Economics, she worked for one of the largest international trade companies in China.  Her career, however, was waylaid by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), because of her practice of Falun Gong that believes in Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. In fact, she was put in jail for years for not giving up her belief. After surviving the torture and persecution before escaping to US, she made it her mission to speak for those voiceless she left behind.
She currently works with a global media company as Director of Partnerships.



Dr. Dana Churchill
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Speech Topic: Forced Organ Harvesting in China & Its Effects In The World
Dr. Dana Churchill is the West Coast Delegate for Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (, a world-renowned organization nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for decade-long efforts in raising awareness and informing the medical community and society about unethical organ harvesting.

Dr. Churchill graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine. Before that, he studied culinary arts in New York City and worked in the international gourmet hospitality industry. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Biochemistry from Rutgers University. Today, Dr. Churchill combines his culinary experiences and biochemical food knowledge to create innovative, delicious, health-conscious, and pathology-specific menus and diets for his patients. He has been running his private practice, The Churchill Center (, in the Los Angeles area for the past 16 years.

Besides health and human rights, Dr. Churchill is passionate about art and music. Thus, The Churchill Center also serves as a private venue for film screens, art exhibitions, and mini-concerts.
Phone: 626-550-5973
Min Fu
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Min went through the time of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 while she was in her last year at medical school in mainland, China. After she came to the USA in 1999, she devoted herself to raising awareness of human rights abuses in mainland, China. She has been the editor of the global media The Epoch Times in Chinese version, promoting traditional Chinese culture.
When forced live organ harvesting in China was exposed to the public in 2006, Min was astonished by the media reports and started to examine the facts about organ harvesting in mainland, China. Over the past 16 years, she has volunteered her time to conduct extensive investigations into this issue. She became Medical Adviser, China Organ Harvest Research Center.
Min used to be an anesthesiologist in China. Since 1999, Min has been a senior clinical study coordinator at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
She lives with her husband and her parents in Texas, and she has one son in New York.
Phone: 832-668-9038
Julia Jiang
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Speech Topic: Stop Forced Organ Harvesting
Julia lived through the time of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989. That experience shattered her trust in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). After she came to the USA in 1996, she devoted herself to raising awareness of human rights abuses in China. She was the CEO of the New Culture Center in the Midwest (NCCM), a non-profit organization promoting traditional Chinese culture which upholds moral values. She also worked as the vice president for a media group. She has given about a hundred presentations to community organizations and government entities about Chinese culture, history, and human rights.
Julia is a US patent holder, awarded during her graduate research at Iowa State that earned her a Master's degree. She is the CEO and founder of two real estate companies. She lives with her husband in Pearland, Texas with their son and daughter.
Phone: 832-387-3050
Kay Rubacek
Location: Hudson Valley, New York, USA
Speech Topic: About The Movie "Hard To Believe"
Kay is an internationally recognized producer of non-fiction and educational content for film, television, online, digital media, music, and print. She has appeared on major media such as NBC, Fox News, The Epoch Times, The Australian, and Sunrise (Australia) to talk about her award-winning work as well as her personal experience of being arrested and thrown into a basement prison cell in China for human rights advocacy in 2001. This story is now told in her book, Who Are China's Walking Dead? (Liberty Hill Publishing, 2020), which features exclusive interviews with former Chinese Communist officials about the culture created by a society with no moral boundaries.
Kay’s family members escaped communist regimes in Russia, China, and the former Czechoslovakia between 1918 and 1986. This, alongside her personal research and experiences of today’s modern forms of communist ideology, informs much of her work, such as her latest feature documentary, Finding Courage (Swoop Films, 2020).
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Kay now lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband and two children, and hosts NTD Television’s current affairs program, LIFE & TIMES.